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The Warner family of brands is: Warner Communications, Dittronics, Voceon, and the new online Voceon Store.

Two-way communications and security technology solutions since 1974.
Warner Communications
Est. 1962
Southeastern Missouri
Est. 1974
Our fancy, new (to us) service van with our very own Les Zucker behind the wheel circa 1966.
Our fancy, new (to us) service van with our very own Les Zucker behind the wheel circa 1966.

Experience and roots that run back nearly a half-century.

In the early 1970s, at the culmination of a twenty-four year career with the United States Air Force in which he evolved into a technical expert of wireless communications, Neil Dittlinger retired as an instructor at the prestigious Strategic Air Command.

When he returned home to Southeastern Missouri in 1974 and recognized the need for reliable communications among the business and public-safety communities there, Neil and his wife Barb founded Dittronics to fill the gap.

The company has been serving Benton and the surrounding Southeastern Missouri area ever since.

While Neil and Barb have both retired, the company is now managed by their son Greg Dittlinger, who's been with the company since 1980 and gained much of his own expertise from working and training alongside his father at Dittronics for decades.

Dittronics joined the Warner family of brands in 2014, and is still located in Benton, Missouri to this day.

The company specializes in public-safety and commercial-grade two-way radio systems, video security, entry and access control, wireless alert notification, body cameras, vehicle lighting, in-vehicle monitoring systems, and more.

Two-way radios and security technology equipment sales, installation, and repair since 1974.

Dittronics has been a leader in public-safety and commercial-grade two-way communication and security technology solutions since 1974.

The company serves a wide range of industries and public-service organizations that require standardized, reliable, and secure two-way communication and security to support an extended network of employees, vendors, and customers. Clients include major hospital systems, colleges and universities, K-12 school districts, local municipalities, public works and public safety departments, military bases, national hotel and casino/gaming brands, retailers, large farms and agricultural facilities, commercial construction companies, manufacturers and distributors, and utility companies across the Midwest.

As a full-service solutions provider, Dittronics develops, deploys, and supports two-way communication and security technology systems for users distributed across large single-site facilities, industrial complexes and campuses, mobile workers in the field and in vehicles, and multi-site locations.

In addition to two-way communication and security technology system design and engineering, Dittronics is also an authorized dealer and service repair shop for some of the largest technology and equipment manufacturers. The company’s expert service department programs, installs, and repairs two-way communication and security technology equipment as well as monitors systems for industry standards, regulatory compliance, and optimal performance.

We specialize in most public-safety and commercial two-way radio communication technologies including:

• P25
• Push-to-Talk over Cellular (PoC)
• Push-to-Talk over Wi-Fi

Let us earn your trust and your business.

Schedule a consultation with one of our experts to learn how our two-way communication and security technology solutions can help you and bring value to your organization.

Dittronics is a proud member of the Warner Family Brands.

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Check out a selection of our two-way radios and public-safety pagers available in Southeastern Missouri (Benton, MO) below, or click here for an overview of our full line of products including video security cameras, access control, and more.

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